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The MOC 2008 Championship is Ready!

The courses and maps are ready and we are waiting for you.

Almost 400 runners from 12 countries made their entries within 31 December.
The record came form Finland with about 100 entries.!!! At the moment the best top elite runner are Østerbø Øystein Kvaal
(Norway) and Paula Haapakoski (Finland).

MOC 2008 program is ready!!

MOC 2008 1st stage
28 February

Sprint race
1st stage of MOC
Championship will be held on magnificent historical centre in the city of Oria. New and first orienteering map. Opening ceremony at 10.00. First start 11.00.
The city of Oria is located 31 km West of Taranto. Web:


The Opening Ceremony of MOC 2008 will
be characterised by an exhibition of Flag Wavers of ORIA, on of the most famed worldwide. A spectacular event to make your
visit to Oria even more unique.

A part of the great hospitality offered by the City of Oria includes a taste of hand made pasta (orecchiette), olives, olive oil and red wine from Manduria at the end of the race.

MOC 2008 2nd stage PINETA DI LENNE-CHIATONA World Ranking Event
29 February 2008 – first start 10.00 – long distance race.
New map of the pine forest near the sea, is located 7 km from
Villaggio Catalano and 20km East of Taranto.
In the early afternoon score race in Taranto Historical centre, prize giving ceremony of 2° stage MOC-WRE, banquet and music (bring
your dancing shoes!!!)Taranto is a precious gem of the Ionian sea. The Città Nuova, in the inland, and the Isola della Città Vecchia, share the bay of Mar Grande from that of the Mar Piccolo, an intern lagoon basin that is linked with Ponte Girevole and di Pietra. The legend states it was founded by people of the close Satyrion in the second half of the III millennium b. C. or by Taras, Neptune’s son, who landed with his boat near the Tara river, in about 2000 b. C. Many archaeological findings testify that there were already inhabitants in the area in the IV millennium b. C., although the historical studies state it was founded in 706 b. C., by colons from Sparta leaded by Falanto, a hero named from Messapia. In a short time it became the most flourishing centre of Great Graecia.

1st March 2008 – first start 11.00 –middle distance race.

In the afternoon sightseeing in Policoro and closing banquet.
The coast in front of Policoro is not unlike that of etaponto: long stretches of sand, clear blue water and a sea bed which is even deeper here than at Metaponto. One of the lingering memories long after leaving Policoro is the perfume of fruit and flowers which permeates the air especially in spring. The sea water is so clean that these wide beaches, especially in the direction of the mouth of the river Sinni, are the elected breeding grounds of sea turtles including the rare ‘Dermochelide’. And on the subject of nature, the ‘Bosco Pantano’ (the Pantano Woods)is a must for a visit. Found at the mouth of the river Sinni, it is eminiscent of the dense wet forests which only fifty years ago covered the sand dunes almost down to the sea. In the midst of such natural beauty the success of tourism in Policoro is assured. Even here there is a host of excursions to choose from and for those who love the sea lessons in sailing as well as in game fishing can be taken.

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