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Triumph for M. Riddervold and T. Gueorgiou at MOC 2008

Policoro, March, 1st 2008

In the splendid natural frame of the Pantano Woods situated in correspondence of the marine shoreline of Policoro, concluded with great satisfaction of the participants and the organizers, in particular the local association of the Circolo Velico Lucano, the 4th the edition of the Mediterranean Championship of Orienteering, valid for individual points of world classifications - World Ranking Event. Fast contest terrain, characterized by sudden and unexpected changes of direction and some check points between sand dunes at the beach. Average length of the distances about 5,7 km. A splendid sunny day accompanied the third and last stage of MOC 2008 with over 350 athletes representing 22 nations. A final triumph respectively for the Norwegian, Marianne Riddervold and the world-wide multi champion the French, Thierry Gueorgiou.

In the female category absolute domain by the Norwegian Marianne Riddervold, with a 5 minute gap from the second place winner Mackenzie Mhairi from Great Britain and the Norwegian Elise Egseth. The fourth place goes to the two time relay world champion Paula Haapakoski from Finland. The first of the Italians was from Bologna Michela Guizzardi who paced eleventh.
Amongst the male elites, the four time world champion from France, Thierry Gueorgiou to conquest a hard earned victory over his co-national Francois Gonon, with only a single minute of advantage in the final classifications. In third place position, the Norwegian Kvaal Osterbo Oysten separated by over four minutes. The first of the Italians in tenth position, Marco Seppi, while the Italian champion from Trento, Giancarlo Simeon arrived seventeenth.
A surprising third place performance by the Israeli Gvozdev Pavel who placed only 19 seconds from the French champion Gueorgiou and is confirmed as the true revelation of this fourth Mediterranean championship together with the Estonian Karner Olle, fourth position in both stage and final classification. A special mention to the athlete Edmond Bajraktari the first Albanese to compete in Elite in an international competition, with a discrete thirtyeighth final position.
Formal prize ceremony in the presence of the President of Park World Tour Italy, Gabriele Viale and Vito Narcisio director of the Circolo Belico Lucano. During this occasion, the permanent new sports centre for orienteering in the Pantano Woods was also inaugurated, to be used both as an international training camp as well as for didactic activities and local orienteering clubs.

Final Classifications of the 4th Edition of MOC 2008 Mediterranean Orienteering Championships

1. Gueorgiou Thierry FRA 110.07
2. Gonon Francois FRA 111.07
3. Kvaal Osterbo Oyste NOR 114.17
4. Karner Olle EST 121.02
5. Vaher Sander EST 123.11
10. Seppi Marco ITA 126.57
17. Simion Giancarlo ITA 132.21

1. Riddervold Marianne NOR 96.10
2. Mackenzie Mhairi GBR 101.42
3. Egseth Elise NOR 101.44
4. Haapakoski Paula FIN 102.58
5. Sundqvist Lina SWE 103.52
11. Guizzardi Michela ITA 109.59

Partial Results of the 3rd Stage of MOC 2008 Pantano Woods/Policoro 1.03.2008

1. Gonon Francois FRA 25.41 (1 )
2. Gueorgiou Thierry FRA 25.49 (2 )
3. Gvozdev Pavel ISR 26.08 (3 )
4. Karner Olle EST 26.34 (4 )
5. Zinca Ionut ROM 26.37 (5 )

1. Riddervold Marianne NOR 24.58 (1 )
2. Haapakoski Paula FIN 26.42 (2 )
3. Egseth Elise NOR 27.03 (3 )
4. Mackenzie Mhairi GBR 27.27 (4 )
5. Bergersen Lene NOR 27.33 (5 )

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