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March 7th, 2008
Under the direction of Gianni Pistillo, organizer of the stage, the competing orienteers of the race have ventured in the historic centre of Trani, with the start and finish in Piazza Castello. The best of the Elite men, the Norwegian Oysten Kvaal Osterbo third at the MOC Championship, the Estonian Andreas Kraas, first with equal of 16'23". Third, the Romanian Ionut Zinca, already winner of the International Trophy of the Province of Taranto, three seconds later from the pair of winners.

The fastest amongst the women, with the time of 1330, the Norwegian Egseth Elise, on the lowest step of the podium at the MOC Championship, then the Estonian Grete Gutmann, second with 14'56", and third the Finnish Marjo Liikanen, with 15'15".
Other assistants of the Mediterranean Cup were the Army Commander of Rfc Puglia, B. Carmine Del Sorbo; Councillor of the Province of Bari, Sebastiano Cicciarelli, and the Councillor of Sports of the Municipality of Trani, Matteo Precchiazzi.

The tranese event has also seen students qualifying for the Final Provincial Student Sports Games Race: Students category consecrated Lisi Francesco of the Scientific College Galilei Bitonto, Filippo Centonze of ITG of Nervi Altamura, and Bruno Germinario of the Scientific College Da Vinci of Bisceglie amongst the boys, and Noemi Malerba and Marina Mundo from the Scientifico College Galilei of Bitonto, and Lucrezia Poli from the Classic College Da Vinci Molfetta amongst the girls.

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