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MOC 2008 - GRAN PRIX - Castel del Monte-Andria

Andria, march 8th 2008
The Mediterranean Open Championship of Orienteering is back to capture Castel del Monte, Andria. After the dispute of the MOC Championship in the provinces of Taranto, Brindisi and Matera, the days of in-depth scientific study in Barese for the dispute of the Mediterranean Cup of Trani, the fourth edition of the event, organised in collaboration with the Departments Sports, Tourism and Protected Areas of the province of Taranto with logistic support of the Italian Armed Forces, celebrated the last stage in the Frederick Castle area, the scene of the Mediterranean Grand Prix after the great experiences of previous years.

At the competition, who qualified for the first twenty-five positions of the MOC Championship, participation of more than one hundred Elite athletes, the most prestigious categories in the race, representing fourteen countries. Amongst the men was the Romanian Ionut Zinca, already winner of the International Trophy of the Province of Taranto, with the time of 14'49", the Norwegian Oysten Kvaal Osterbo third at the MOC Championship and the winner of the Mediterranean Cup, delayed by only five seconds; and third, the Estonian Sander Vaher, with a good time of 15'28". Another success amongst the women for the Norwegian Elise Egseth third at the MOC Championship and the winner of the Mediterranean Cup, with the time of 10'28"on the podium of Castel del Monte was also her co-national Lene Godager, with the time 12'34", and the Romanian Veronica Minoiu, already victorious in the International Trophy of the Province of Taranto and now again highlighted with the time of 12'43".

At the stage of Castel del Monte, organized by Gianni Pistillo, also assisted by, amongst others, the Councilor of the Province of Bari, Sebastiano Cicciarelli, municipal councillors of Education, Paulo Farina, and of Sports, Leonardo Lonigro, as proof of the attention of the Municipality of Andria for the potential race orienteering. An interest also testified by the insertion of the practice of orienteering programs in the third year of elementary school and by the participation of more than five hundred students in Andria, the most immediate recipients of the message of re-discovery of the territory that orienteering communicates: 450 primary school students of the eight educational centres and 100 secondary school students, accompanied by parents and headmasters.
And further index of the growing attention of local institutions for the development orientation of the race was made available to the Research Centre of Bonomo, the provincial centre for research and experimentation in agriculture, and the logistic headquarters for the last stage of the Mediterranean Open Championship.

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